Industrial Connectivity Analysis

Connectivity enables the digital transformation of new and old plants, machines or components. Identify the optimization potential for your company.

Utilizing the potential of the data of your machinery and plant​

In industry, the demands placed on products and materials in terms of flexibility, quality, individualization, delivery reliability and traceability are constantly increasing. With the help of digitization and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), data from machines and plants can be collected and processed – a prerequisite for this is the connectivity of these plants, machines and higher-level systems. ​

Industrial connectivity enables intelligent connections via standard interfaces as well as IoT gateways and provides data volumes from which the optimization potentials can be derived. This Industrial Connectivity Service is possible regardless of the age and manufacturer of your plants, machines or components. ​

1. Initial situation

Mr. Worker is the manager of a medium-sized company that uses both new and older machines. ❯❯

Potential of digitalization

So far, he has given little thought to the potential of digitalization in his company.

2. Challenges

Currently, Mr. Worker is facing many challenges. He wonders what potential digitalization offers for his company. ❯❯

Potential for optimization

Time-to-market, delivery reliability, machine availability, quality, market situation and competition, production costs, traceability, environmental protection, etc.

3. Solution design

In the process, he becomes aware of an offer from evosoft and sends off the request for the workshop. In a free preliminary meeting, goals and added value for his company are defined. After a short time, Mr. Worker receives an offer with NDA for his workshop. ❯❯


In the workshop, the experts specify and prioritize the requirements. Subsequently, technicians analyze the machines and conditions on site, record the hardware information and check the system for connectivity and optimization potential.

4. Recommended actions

The use cases are prepared and connectivity options and strategies are worked out. At the end of the workshop, Mr. Macher receives concrete recommendations for action and a draft solution including a road map. ❯❯


Now he knows his options for goal-oriented connectivity of his plants, machines or components and can start implementing his own digitalization strategy.

Connectivity analysis and solution design for your shopfloor

Workshop design

  • Joint identification of your problems and challenges​
  • Definition of possible use cases in the context of your digitalization strategy, including focusing and prioritization​
  • Digitalization and integration check by our automation and integration experts (carried out without shutting down your machines on site)​
  • Provision of a final report with a transparent overview of the analysis results, recommendations for action, optimization potentials and solution concept for data integration​

Our services

Our experts analyze hardware, software, interfaces and standards implemented on your machines. Our technical consultants carry out the as-is analysis on site.​

​Potential for standardized, intelligent, future-proof connectivity solutions is then summarized and presented in transparent documentation.​

  • Potential for standardization of interfaces​
  • Potential for exploiting synergy effects​
  • Potential for integration (also for legacy systems) via IoT devices​
  • Implementation possibilities and an initial roadmap for the next steps​

Your benefits

The first step to generate added value for your company from the data of your machines


Solution design

Get initial ideas and solution sketches to digitize your plants, machines or components step by step



Get a detailed overview of potential measures for the connectivity of your plants, machines and components



Receive a draft individually tailored to your company for the implementation and procedure of the developed solution design

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