Process Industry

Challenges in the process industry

High throughput times and precise positioning of piece goods in the systems – these are requirements for which technologies with high precision and a lot of speed are needed. Which engineering methods can be usefully employed here?

Our solutions

Intelligent solutions for complex challenges – tap into our digital services portfolio to create impact for your business.
OT/IT integration as an enabler for your digital use case. Every asset on the shop floor can provide valuable information/data for your use case. But how do you access this data optimally?
Optimize your material flow in real time and achieve your target KPIs. With our flexible data-based services, bottlenecks & problem areas in your production become transparent.
Plan product, plant and performance virtually with a digital twin. Reduce development time, effort and risk and benefit from the possibility of continuous optimisation.
Get more out of the position data and movement data in your production or logistics. We offer lean software solutions for SMEs: cross-technology and platform-independent.
Data is generated in many ways along the value chain. What is a sensible procedure for using this information and how can added value be generated from it?
sayWoT! implements an open web standard to easily communicate with assets on field-level to increase the development of scalable cloud and on-premise solutions for IoT. How can it help you to push digitalization?
Increased efficiency and quality through digital processes: From the integration of established software products into your system landscape to individual development. Flexible and scalable to the digital factory.
How can secure communication between operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) be established? Both networks have specific requirements that must be addressed when connecting them.

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