We help you to connect your IT and OT networks. Benefit from the know-how of our specialists and rely on the solutions of evosoft.

Added Value via integrated & connected digital solutions

The new IT technological landscape is not always interoperable with the already grown OT landscape on site since different communication technologies made with different goals are in use.

We support you on your digital transformation journey and offer you the appropriate connectivity solution for your business. We deliver a unique set of Software & Technology Competencies to bridge the gap between OT and IT.

Challenges in Brownfield environments

Based on our experience, customers in manufacturing industries are facing several common challenges regarding IT- and OT-Integration in Brownfield environments.

Siloed data and separated domains, missing data or wrong data formats as well as a fragmented landscape by a variety of machines or systems with no standard interfaces are only some of the most common ones.

Challenges in Greenfield environments

Based on our experience, customers in Greenfield environments need to answer many questions in the process of integrating both technology areas. Decisions about communication standards, data interfaces & semantics and other general use case requirements need to be made.

The right answer to different shopfloor scenarios

Together with our clients, we analyze the different shopfloor scenarios and categorize them into different fields of action.

Each scenario has it’s base requirements as well as individual advantages or disadvantages, which we combine with IT infrastructure and Cybersecurity aspects. All combined help us to find the best-of-breed solution or product for your connectivity Use Case.

Our offering

Connectivity Check

Ensure the digitalization readiness of your shopfloor

Customer Guidance

Focus on technology consulting for automation solutions​

Design & Architecture Definition

Individual solutions ​in Brownfield and Greenfield environments

Standard Products

Ready-to-use building blocks and framework elements​

Agile Development

Agile principles for software and solution development​

Commissioning  & Integration

Software test, commissioning & integration for customer added value​


We consult to deliver

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