Digital Twin

Creating your tailored digital twin. From the idea to optimization.

Simulation of real plants, processes or systems

The need for shorter development cycles of new machines and plants is increasing enormously. The creation of a prototype, the preliminary commissioning of a machine, the optimization of a production line or the validation of planned changes are only a few of the possible fields of application that a Digital Twin can serve.

As a virtual representation of a machine, production line or performance, the Digital Twin enables full integration into the entire engineering life cycle.

Concept design and validation

Integrating the Digital Twin already in the ideation phase and validate first concepts and ideas.

Using the simulation models to involve the customer at an early stage and use it to collaboration between engineering disziplines.

Mechanical dependencies, collisions, relations, interaction, dynamic behaviour, throughput, bottlenecks, extensions or adaptions, …

Virtual Commissioning

The Digital Twin enables you to do much more than just testing your PLC code.

It gives you the possibility to commission your complete machine or factory line including all peripheries, protocols and communication in your office or at home.

HiL or SiL (Hardware – or Software in the Loop).

Our offering

Our goal is to jointly exploit the full potential of your engineering process and the operation of your machinery and equipment. For this purpose, we start with the integration of the Digital Twin already at the idea stage and let it grow piece by piece.

Customer guidance

With technology consulting focus for simulation and optimization​

Value add

Long-term added value for your product and your company​

Design & Architecture Definition

Selection of required technologies based on the existing system landscape

Agile Development

Strong in agile principles for software and solution development​


Holistic view of problems and solutions

Creation & Integration

Introduction and integration of the Digital Twin into your development process and system landscape

Integrate a tailored digital twin

into the entire life cycle of your machine or production plant and open up new possibilities to optimize your processes and development.

How do we support?



We advise you in deciding whether a digital twin represents long-term added value for your product and your company.



Based on this, we support you in setting up a digital twin. This can either be a twin of a new or an existing product/system.



Together, we develop the architecture and assist you with the software-side implementation: from database management to data analysis with machine learning to visualization.

Use Cases & Tooling

We master the entire Siemens portfolio in terms of simulation, automation and optimization:

Use Cases


We consult to deliver

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