Automated user management for SAP

Automate SAP user access provisioning and significantly reduce the administrative workload of your IT team.

The user provisioning add-on to optimize your SAP systems

Inefficient user access management hinders employee productivity and exposes your business to compliance risk. Our add-on for SAP systems is an automated user access provisioning solution that significantly reduces the administrative burden on your IT team through workflow-based approval processes. By reducing the queuing time for your users, you can achieve significantly higher productivity. The accompanying protocolling also provides you with audit-compliant transparency.

Challenges in your SAP systems

Our solution

Reduce manual maintenance efforts in the area of user management and authorization management by up to 75 % *

Reduction of internal administrative effort

Data security and data integrity

Reduction of throughput times and queuing times for users

Protection of critical data through transparent authorization concept

Improve cybersecurity through regulatory compliance

Audit security and revision security

Automatic execution of audit-proof inventories

Automated function for off-boarding

Fast implementation and integration into your existing SAP systems

Video demonstration

Learn more about automated user management for your SAP systems

Simplify user access provisioning in SAP and realize IT cost savings.

Through our individually bookable service packages, we enable you to hand over the service completely to us without any further internal effort.

Success story

Automated user management in SAP: Reduction of manual maintenance efforts by 75%
at a top 10 DAX company

Manual maintenance in different systems is replaced by automatic reconciliation of authorizations in all connected systems. Over 40 SAP systems with a total of 100,000 users are managed.

successful companieswork with evosoft solutions.


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