Material Flow Optimization in real time

Gain visibility into your production and optimize every variable to achieve your business goals.

The digital software solution

The material flow optimization with AdvFlow enables plant and production leaders with an efficient and flexible way to speed up their production and meet their business goals.

Optimize your material flow in real time and achieve your target KPIs. With our flexible data-based services, bottlenecks & critical points in your production become clear.

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Advantages with AdvFlow

Using easily scalable and highly available Amazon Web Services (AWS) the solution is deployed automatically and integrated within hours.

Increase output

Cope with increasing demands through real-time production planning and scheduling.

Reduce costs

Use your assets more efficiently, by optimizing material flow based on AI and machine learning.

Efficient workforce

Reduce idle time for operating personnel.

Robust production

Run plants under optimal operating conditions at all times.

Improve cycle times

Run plants under optimal operating conditions at all times.

Select optimization goals

Change optimization targets dynamically according to your business needs.

Optimization with AdvFlow

Optimization with AdvFlow
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How can your asset be in optimal operating conditions?

The digital solution AdvFlow ensures a flexible and efficient production leading to a better output for the same production order.

Tailor AdvFlow optimization to suit your business needs

Gain visibility into your production and optimize your production by using AI and ML procedures.

AdvFlow Configurator

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AdvFlow – optimization of production orders in realtime! The configurator can be used to weight the control variables in order to adjust the AdvFlow optimization to suit your business needs.

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Switch between optimization goals on the fly

AdvFlow Configurator helps you to easily adapt the optimization to short-term business and production goals.

Reference Story

Referenz Siemens Geraetewerk Amberg

AdvFlow @ Siemens Gerätewerk Amberg

Advanced scheduling and planning for two production lines. Continuous real-time control and optimization to increase productivity.

"Digital solutions in production open up opportunities for us to respond more flexibly to customer requirements and generate productivity at the same time. AdvFlow enables us to optimally control production orders – based on algorithms and supported by live data from our machines."

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