Cooperation of evosoft and Bertrandt


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Autor: Marketing

evosoft GmbH Bertrandt enter into a cooperation partnership. The contract was officially signed in Ehningen. The focus of our cooperation is on the complementary service fields as well as the mutual supplementation of resources in the field of software development.

Together, we will develop innovative solutions and explore new avenues to better support our customers and win potential new customers. The basis of the cooperation is a complementary market presence based on a trusting and continuous exchange.

About Bertrandt

Bertrandt is an independent and international engineering service provider with many years of automotive expertise. With cross-industry know-how and a holistic understanding of systems and products, Bertrandt creates technological solutions along the entire value chain. The company deals with the trend topics of digitalization, e-mobility and autonomous systems, mainly for the automotive, aviation and mechanical engineering sectors, and consistently enables the creation of custom-fit solutions here.


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