IoT Integration Service

How to enable digitalization services by bringing together data from Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT)?

IoT integration service is the key

For IoT solution providers whose purpose is to make huge diversity of assets and enterprise IT systems available to IoT solutions evosoft’ s IoT Integration Service is a modelling and connectivity platform that allows a uniform and decoupled digital twin modelling and seamless integration.

Different from competitive IoT integration offerings that only use proprietary models and plain protocols our offering references data sources and represents domain knowledge by using web based standards.

Our offering


Integration of heterogenouos IT systems (> 100)

A component for IT integration and message distribution enables the connection of various IT systems.


Cross-industry integration of OT protocols

Heterogeneous protocols of the OT world are interpreted and described with sayWoT! using open standards (W3C WOT) and provides possibilities for filtering, mapping and aggregation of OT data.


Connection of IT and OT data with semantic enrichment

Knowledge Graph technologies provide a semantic model for the central and unified description of the data model.


Possibility of standardized search & query of linked data

A standardized approach to work with your data from different sources.

Self descriptive data

speeds up the realization of IOT solutions and reduces the coordination efforts between the involved roles of a digitalization solution massively. A general understanding of data can be established faster.

Especially for data scientists who want to implement a AI model, the Data Understanding and Data Access phase of algorithm modeling can be reduced up to 20 %.

Simplified access & reuse of data

The abstraction of the complex and heterogeneous OT world via open standards makes familiarization with respective existing standards (e. g. S7, BACnet, OPC UA, …) no longer necessary.

The open model/concept enables a universal description of the data, which can be used across organizational boundaries.

Cloud agnostic and platform independent

Due to its platform independent architecture, the IOT Integration Service can be deployed and used on any customer environment.

Use Cases

Learn more about the possibilities of visualization, integration as well as end-to-end transparency in the value stream

Material flow visualization

Heterogeneous integration of OT assets

End-to-end value stream

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