Location-based services

We make more out of transaction data – across technologies and platforms.

We let your position data do the talking

Make processes less time-consuming and more efficient. We offer you a package of solution modules, consulting expertise and services for the capturing and intelligent processing of tracking data for moving objects such as forklifts, containers or (partly) finished products.

Keeping an eye on inventory

  • Inventory determination and monitoring through interfaces to warehouse management and materials management systems
  • Automatic counting of empties, containers, etc.
  • Monitoring of buffer levels and space consumption

Camera-based tracking

  • Detect, identify and track objects
  • Monitor threshold values (e.g. fill level)
  • High protection of personal rights through direct processing without storing
  • Integration during the running process without downtime

Automate processes and reduce search times

Search & Find

Reduce search times by visualizing the position of the objects you need.

Events and Alarms

Reduce manual efforts and waiting times. Define actions to be triggered automatically depending on threshold values, e.g. to make bookings or trigger orders.

Contextual information

Optimize your manufacturing processes and automatically display the right plans, work instructions or drawings.

We are your neutral solution partner

Our solutions are hardware-independent and combine modern and classic tracking technologies. From cameras and radio to RFID and barcode scanners.

We consult to deliver

Are you interested in our portfolio of digital solutions and services? Which challenges can we support you with?