The open web standard to talk to your things

sayWoT! implements the W3C Web of Things standard to boost the development of scalable cloud and on-premise solutions for IoT.

Easy integration and instant scalability

IoT solution providers face challenges at nearly all levels of implementation, which hamper instant scalability across customers: diverse protocols at field-level, semantic interpretation of data and proprietary web-based device representations.

sayWoT! addresses these challenges by adopting the open W3C standard to give developers a cloud-native and openly standardized approach to interface with existing field-protocols, interact with web-native device representations and enrich inconsistent device-models semantically.

Building blocks for easy device integration

sayWoT! offers building blocks for easy device integration, a cloud-agnostic gateway as well as a standardized programming model. All of these components will follow the W3C WoT standard.

Thing Description

A central element of the WoT standard is the Thing Description, which defines a simple openly standardized model for describing the interface of things. In contrast to competing proprietary technologies, WoT enables a purely declarative approach. No need to write code. Just drop a Thing Description into a WoT protocol adapter and it will come to life.


No coding required

Thing Descriptions are purely declarative like HTML files, a TD is self-contained and can be immediately used by WoT building blocks. Use a TD with a WoT protocol adapter and benefit from protocol translation, auto-discovery, cloud communication etc.

Web friendly

Bridging industry protocols to web friendly technologies to enable developers starting directly with solution building.

Cloud agnostic

With WoT there is an openly standardized option which can be used in different environments without vendor lock-in.

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Our offering

OT/IT Consulting

Based on existing OT and IT landscape we develop together with our customers a roadmap to achieve their vision for digitalization.

Semantic Integration

For combining data of heterogeneous sources not only the values itself are important. Context information/meta data is crucial to transform data into valuable information. We help our customers to integrate and describe their data with semantic technologies according to their needs.

Applications Development

With lean and agile methodologies and state of the art technologies we turn your digitalization ideas into sustainable digital solutions. We cover the whole solution lifecycle from ideation, realization towards managed services.

sayWoT! offers a perfect entry for web and cloud developers

to enter the world of IoT and help you build your ecosystem fast.

Use Cases



For visualization of material flows for production lines in realtime (with our Production Throughput Inspector) sayWoT! is used to to establish the connectivity for OT data. Thing descriptions can be used for an automatic derivation of aggregations for local plant topologies and for the dynamic generation of visualizations.


Smart City

In a Smart City environment the interaction of different systems and sensors (e. g. for traffic management or infrastructure status) with their respective data is an important factor. WOT can help to build a common understanding and easier utilization of these heterogeneous data.


Smart Building

Hotels or office buildings for example typically consist of heterogeneous IoT systems like air conditioning, lightings, elevators, etc. The management and monitoring of such a mixed landscape is quite challenging and WOT can help to make the handling of these IoT systems easier.


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