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An innovative and family-friendly corporate culture is part of a sustainable company, as the compatibility of work and family is becoming increasingly important for employees. Therefore, evosoft GmbH is strongly committed to this area and participates in the "Progress Index Compatibility - Success Factor Family" of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.

The Compatibility Progress Index measures the extent to which companies enable their employees to strike a balance between their private and professional lives and supports employers in measuring and developing their family-friendliness actions and making them visible to the outside world. The “Success Factor Family” corporate program is an action-oriented platform for the compatibility of family and career of the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs and the leading associations of German business (BDA, DIHK, ZDH). The progress index includes two areas: The commitment of the participating companies to nine guidelines and the measurement as well as the industry comparison of the corporate culture based on twelve key figures.

evosoft is committed to the nine guidelines of the Federal Ministry and undertakes to promote the compatibility of work and family life through an innovative and family-conscious corporate culture within the framework of the company’s possibilities and requirements. In an industry comparison, evosoft performs very well in all key figures evaluated. In the key indicators “proportion of employees with flexible working time arrangements that can be shaped” and “proportion of employees who have the option of working in a home office or on a mobile basis”, evosoft is well above the industry average, which is 82% and 63% respectively, with 100% fulfillment in each case. Similarly, the proportion of managers working part-time on a voluntary basis at evosoft is 12%, twice as high as at other companies of the same size and in the same industry. The proportion of employees with company support for childcare at evosoft is also five percent above the industry average at 15.1%.

By participating in the Compatibility Progress Index, employees and applicants can find out what cultural conditions they can expect at evosoft as an employer.

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