evosoft at the Siemens Cybersecurity Conference 2023


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On May 09 and 10, 2023, the Siemens Cybersecurity Conference 2023 took place as a hybrid event in Munich. During this event, evosoft experts Dr. Mohamed Anis Mekki and Rathinakumar Ramanathan presented the "Secure Coding Cheat Sheet".

The focus of the two-day Siemens Cybersecurity Conference at the Munich headquarters was to provide a platform for exchanging information on the latest developments in cybersecurity, technological trends and the exchange of ideas, and to discuss the associated challenges and opportunities. At the same time, it offers speakers the opportunity to present their topics to a wider audience.

Lecture on the Secure Coding Cheat Sheet

During the conference, the experts presented the “Secure Coding Cheat Sheet”, which contains the best possible practices related to the secure development of applications and products in the form of a one-pager. This cheat sheet provides detailed do’s and don’ts for each step of secure coding and also includes a checklist from various proven sources such as CWE or OWASP. It serves as a quick reference for developers and architects involved in the development of a secure product or code.

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