evosoft Business Conference 2023 in Budapest


Lesedauer: 3 Min.

Autor: Marketing

On 11.10. and 12.10.2023 the second evosoft Business Conference took place at the evosoft Hungary Kft. headquarters Univerzum in Budapest. The closely associated companies evosoft Hungary Kft. and evosoft GmbH maintain a close partnership exchange.

The second evosoft Business Conference again offered the opportunity for a supraregional personal exchange of the evosoft Group on current topics and projects from Germany and Hungary.

The motto of this year’s conference was “Let us reinvent ourselves”. Within the framework of numerous interactive workshops, the participants had the opportunity for international cooperation and active participation in shaping the future of the company.

A particular highlight were the keynotes by Dr. Marie-Catherine Fritsch, CEO of evosoft GmbH, and Istvan Peteyi, CEO of evosoft Kft. Hungary, on the strategic orientation as well as the digitalization offering of the evosoft Group.

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