evosoft is participant in the Alliance for Cyber Security


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evosoft has become a member of the Alliance for Cyber Security. The Alliance is an initiative of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), which was founded in 2012 to strengthen Germany's position against cyber attacks.

As a platform for cooperation with industry, authorities, research and science as well as other institutions, the alliance offers a wide range of information on cyber security topics and serves as an exchange of information and experience for all participating members and partners.

Cyber security and resilience in the fight against cyber attacks

The economy, government and society are constantly confronted with the threat of cyber attacks on their information and communication technologies. This threat is constantly being intensified by the increasing networking of systems and devices. At the same time, attackers are becoming more adept and using increasingly sophisticated attack methods that are often difficult to detect and cannot always be fended off by traditional protection mechanisms such as virus scanners and firewalls. Making the German economy more cyber-secure and resilient in the fight against cyber attacks – this is the idea behind the Alliance for Cyber Security (ACS). The initiative is the largest network of its kind in Europe and now has more than 7,400 members and partners.

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